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They say “necessity is the mother of all invention” and it is true in this case. My riding buddy developed a severe case of Psoriatic Arthritis affecting his hands and feet. He eventually gained control of his condition with self administered injections but for a while it was looking like his riding days were over. We take our kids riding and camping with us all over the place and they have become best friends. Since Jerry is our fearless leader, the future of continuing adventures was in question. Standing on foot pegs was bad enough but working the clutch at all, let alone at the level Jerry was used to would be impossible. Something had to be done.

We began discussing ways to reduce clutch forces. Jerry had purchased the smaller diameter master cylinder for his old KTM 200 and I had put the Raptor lever sold by MSR on my YZ250 years ago. We got to thinking that there must be a mechanical way to do the same thing for a hydraulic clutch that the Raptor did for a cable clutch. We handmade several prototypes to take to a local trail ride and found some Double A riders to try them out. They worked well enough that one guy who squeezed the lever questioned whether it was actually connected to the clutch!

We next made “pre production” levers and gave them to several Pro riders doing the NEPG National Enduro Series for their evaluation and sold the remainder. There are levers from Hawaii to New Zealand and all across the US. The response has been promising enough that we are currently converting a provisional patent application to a regular patent and ramping up production capability to meet a growing sales volume.

First Used at Muddaubbers National Enduro 10/2/2010


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