“…it is truly incredible the difference that it makes and how much energy I save with my left hand now. Awesome product!”
- vegasken

"I installed it last night, gave it a few pulls and I was amazed at how much of a difference it made! The feel of the wide paddle is amazing and the feel alone is just awesome...true quality workmanship!”
- schoenrock

"Jerry, I got the saw mount yesterday and mounted it up. That is one brilliant design, simple and perfect! My buddy and I went and cleared some trail today. That thing is awesome. 260 bucks is not cheap, but after trying it, it’s worth every penny! So glad i got it. I need an adaptor plate for my ATV now. Steve, thanks for your help and carrying a fine product. I wish you both the best."

"I just installed it on my ’14 350 EXCF and it’s awesome. Perfect for tight trails. I had to readjust one time after the bike got hot but since then it’s perfect. I have 99 tired muscles but my clutch hand ain’t one."
- TylerSC via ktmTalk

"After meeting the guys from MME on a camping trip in north Idaho I was introduced to the clutch lever they manufacture. Claiming to have half the pull as the stock lever they had my attention, because that would take care of my only complaint on my 2015 500 XCW. Typically while riding 80 to 100 miles single track I found myself using multiple fingers or all to pull in the clutch while in tight technical areas.

After installing the lever (which only takes minutes and testing on the stand) I could instantly tell the difference. We went riding and it really was half the effort to pull the clutch just as they claim. The other nice feature was comfort they fit your finger and make the pull more natural. So on day two I had to try the brake lever, which also was an amazing fit and comfort. (After using their chainsaw mount, none of this should have been a surprise!)

I can’t wait to see what they build next. Thank you!"
Travis - Spokane, WA

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