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Chainsaw Mount for Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike Chainsaw MountNo modifications to the bike are required. The TR229XC bracket mounts to existing threaded holes on KTM, Huska. The TF338 Universal Mount attaches to fork tubesThe saw is held with a simple latch mechanism that locks the saw firmly but and is a high quality quick release.  The chainsaw is on and off in seconds without any bungy straps. I wouldn't race with the saw mounted but you can stay ahead of the C riders while clearing trail. It stays on when blasting through the woods just fine. If you work tight trails this is the way to get a saw to where the trees need to be cut. With this mount you can ride aggressively and still carry the equipment that makes trail fast and still have fun.

The chain saw holder mounts the saw to the triple clamp with the chain saw bar parallel and in front of the right fork leg. It works best with a Stihl brand chain saw similar to the MS180C and and fits all KTM bikes with an engine displacement of 200cc and larger. Other brand bikes or saws can be fitted.

This saw carrier can also work on an ATV rack with an adapter plate in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. Give us the details and for a modest price, we will make an adapter plate for you.

Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount  Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount
Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount Dirt Bike Chainsaw Mount
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TRAIL FAST SAW MOUNT: dirt bike chainsaw bracket review

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Price: Starting at $225.00

To Order Your Chainsaw Mount

Please contact Jerry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Because of the variations in different chainsaws and dirt bikes, we need to speak to you to be sure we get the right configuration!

Important information to include are as follows: Name, Phone Email, bike model and year, saw model and year.

Installation Documents

TF229XC Saw Mount Installation Instructions

TF229M Saw Mount Installation Instructions

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